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Intro to Intuitive Card Reading

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Email to request a date for next class. Level 2 class also available where we discuss different card spreads and how to develop your own.

Taught by Trisha Schmalhofer to help us connect to our cards and begin to read intuitively for ourselves and others. If you don't have a deck yet, Trisha will provide you with guidance before the class on how to pick one for you. In this class we will cover the different types of card decks, how to connect with a new deck, accessing our intuition to assist in interpreting the cards and learning simple spreads to start you off. Level 2 class will be scheduled soon after this for those that want to get more in depth. Intro class is $30 on Venmo (@trisha-schmalhofer) or Zelle (MedHealers 7725591993). $35 if paid via website link. Zoom link provided after payment received. For more info contact: Trisha at

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