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BAM Events/Classes 


01/08/23 (Sunday) Ecstatic Trance Posture with Rich Brown 2:00-4:00pm at BAM in Palm Bay. Common postures were discovered in statues and drawings across the world and when done with rattle and drum, a trance state is induced and each posture moves energy in a unique way. Postures have a theme of healing, spiritual journey, transformation, or initiation into a new phase. Sharing is encouraged after the session to enhance the experience and to see the commonalties between group members. Donation appreciated for the center.

01/13/23 (Friday) 2023 Feng Shui for Your Home and Life with Elaine Bartlett. 6:00pm-8:00pm at BAM in Palm Bay. On 1/22/23 the lunar new year of Yin Water Rabbit begins. Elaine has years of experience in studying and applying the ancient ways and will prepare you for riding the waves of these times. Setting your home means setting the energy of your life. Donations appreciated for Elaine's wisdom. Email to put your name on the list. Limited to 13 people.

01/15/23 (Sunday) Mudra Meditation with Lori Stabler 9:00am-10:00am at Erna Nixon Park. This is a calm yet powerful meditation with hand positions or mudras that move energy through the body and facilitates calmness and alignment. Take a walk in this beautiful park afterwards. Love Donations accepted.

01/15/23 (Sunday) Gong Portal Intention Setting with Trisha Schmalhofer 2:00pm-4:00pm at BAM Community. A new lunar year is approaching! Let's set our intentions to ride the waves of the year with grace and ease. We will do a mindfulness exercise together to create intentions, open the gong portal and say them out loud and support each other as a group. Then, we will immerse ourselves in the soundscapes of washes, frictions, tones and harmonics of the 32 inch deep breath gong and other insruments played by Trisha. Brief sharing about your experience with the group afterwards is encouraged but not required. Bring anything with you to make the experience more comfortable on the carpeted floor. Journaling your experience in your notebook is encouraged and drinking extra water is recommended. Love Donation appreciated for the center.

01/21/23 (Saturday) Badass Healing with Trisha Schmalhofer and Mona Fed at BAM 12:00-2:00. Immerse yourself in the sounds, resonance, and healing vibrations of two seasoned expansive and deep practitioners. You will set your healing intention, lie down on a comfortable chair and get swept away on a voyage through inner and outer space. There will be sharing and processing time after the healing. Mona and Trish will be using various tools and modalities including: Gong, Prayer Drums, Tuning Forks, Toning, Singing, Reiki, CranioSacral, Frequency healing, Crystals, Wands, Channeling, Quantum Field Integration, Activations, Spiritual Direction, Magic. $50 for this two hour experience. Register via email at Spot for 8 people. Pay the day of event with apps or cash.


Ongoing Weekly:

Mona Federici available in person at BAM M,T,W 10:am-3:00pm for Turkish coffee cup readings (see flyer below), multiple deck card readings, cord cutting, starseed activation, healing. Mona also teaches all levels of Reiki, and How to Astral Travel.

Kim Pruden Tarot Tuesdays Facebook Live Tuesdays 5:30pm EST on

SoulFire Oracle Readings Facebook Live with Trisha Schmalhofer. Saturdays 10:00am on Badasses, Alchemists, Mystics FB page.

Trisha Schmalhofer Akashic Records readings including Soul Realignment, Spirit Guide Team Connection, Manifesting Blueprint, Relationship Readings. In person or over zoom. 772-559-1993. For more information go to:

In-Person Location: BAM Community 4680 Lipscomb St. Palm Bay FL 32905, Use South entrance.

~ If you have something you want to teach or a group that needs a meeting space, Contact Trisha 772-559-1993

~JOIN our Facebook Group to build our virtual community:

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