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Crowd Cheering

Our team of Badasses, Alchemists and Mystics who teach, lead, share and support BAM Community Center:
~Trisha Schmalhofer- MedHealers-
~Lea Williamson- Beachside QiGong and Tai Chi-
~Suzi Marsh Meffen LCSW (678) 570-8169- therapist led, in person support group for codependency, workshops, events

~Kimberly Pruden-;

~Amy Perez- Moonrise Magick Apothecary-
~Christopher and Yolanda Tims-

~ Justin Matthews- Check out his Facebook Page

~Fred Goodnight-

~Eden Shaw-

~Jackie Uberbacher-

~Catherine Herrera-

~Ryan Dalzell Visuals- Instagram: @ryandalzellvisuals; Facebook: Ryan Dalzell Visuals
~ Alexis Montano
~Joanna Salerno

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